Michael Holt is alive and well and living in Toronto. Now here's a little tour of Michael Holt through some of the albums he's made... (For more info and songs, also visit Michael's Myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/mikeyholt)

FALL 2010 . . .

Oct 22 Hoboken NJ - Maxwell's with The Mommyheads LINK

Oct 24 Toronto ON - The Tranzac with Ronley Teper LINK

Oct 26 Ottawa ON - Cafe Umi with Lisa Poushinsky LINK

Oct 27 Montreal QC - Le Cagibi with Sapo and Caroline Glass LINK

Oct 28 Burlington VT - Muddy Waters with Sid Corren LINK

Oct 30 Newmarket NH - The Stone Church with The Mommyheads LINK

Nov 03 Wellfleet MA - The Library LINK

Nov 04 New York NY - Catweazle Club at A Gathering Of The Tribes LINK

Nov 05 Scranton PA - Northern Light Espresso LINK

Nov 07 Pittsburgh PA - House concert at Claire Westbrook's with Mark Dignam LINK

Nov 10 New York NY - Time Warner Cable's 4G live streaming concert with The Mommyheads ">LINK

Nov 11 Charleston WV - The Empty Glass LINK

Nov 12 Black Mountain NC - Earthaven Council Hall LINK

Nov 13 Boone NC - The Lounge at Crestwood LINK

Nov 14 Athens GA - House concert at Patrick Carey's with The Ginger Envelope LINK

Nov 15 Asheville NC - The French Broad Chocolate Lounge LINK

Nov 16 Chapel Hill NC - The Cave with Mike Evin LINK

Nov 18 Richmond VA - Sprout with Michael Miracle and All The Saints Theater Company LINK

Nov 19 Washington DC - The Corner Store LINK

Nov 20 Baltimore MD - The Windup Space with The Jennifers LINK

Nov 22 Jersey City NJ - 1PM Live on WFMU 91.1FM LINK

Nov 22 New York NY - Googie's Lounge with Chris Merritt LINK

Nov 28 Medford MA - The Friendly Square LINK

Nov 29 Amesbury MA - Flatbread Restaurant LINK

Dec 02 Canton CT - Flatbread Restaurant LINK


THE DAWN CHORUS by Michael Holt & the Kids An uplifting, melodic pop album with fifteen songs about relationships, nature, and our need to protect the planet. Folk rock, chamber pop, alternative, bossa nova, classical art songs, country, and an Appalachian folk ballad all wrapped up in one. Mp3: The Sound of Love

Michael's older albums:
THE CONNOTATIONS is the self-titled release by Mike's early New York band--eclectic, wacky and creative, with strong influences from XTC, ska, and new wave. This cassette of frenetic, danceable, progressive music was released in 1986 on the house record label of CBGB's, the club where the Connotations spent half their waking hours. Mp3: I Do Not Think I Would Have Some Fun

PAJAMA GARDEN is Michael Holt's first solo album, an intimate and experimental, 22-song journey into it's own majical world of colors and shapes. Named after the band Michael formed with drummer Dan Fisherman (Mommyheads) and bassist Oren Bloedow (Lounge Lizards, Elysian Fields), the album features many others from NY's experimental pop scene. It was released in 1991 on the New York art-pop label Fang Records, and comes with a full color, 12-page booklet of lyrics, drawings, and photos. Mp3:They're Baking Cakes

BINGHAM'S HOLE. After Pajama Garden, Michael moved to San Francisco to join progressive pop band The Mommyheads, who toured relentlessly, forming fan bases all over North America. Bingham's Hole was the album they made at their peak of collaboration, released in 1995. It features three Michael songs, including the delightful "Hiawatha's Lullaby," a period-style recording of an old swing tune to which Michael wrote a new set of lyrics. More on The Mommyheads... Mp3:Fragrant Rota
I'M HERE WITH YOU is Mike's second solo album, made in San Francisco in the Spring of 1998, immediately after the Mommyheads broke up. It is an intimate recording of Michael singing eight simple, lullaby-like songs, accompanied by just the nylon-stringed classical guitar. Mp3:The Burning Of The Trees

PILOT SINGLE, Mike's third solo album, was recorded in San Francisco, New York, and Toronto with Mike's friends from each of these cities, while he was making his move from the U.S. to Canada. It is a lush, creative pop album with lyrics that speak so personally, they offend the tastes of the ultra-cool ("...there are lines here that he should be genuinely ashamed of" -- Exclaim Magazine). It was finished and released on Fang Records in 2003. Mp3:We Planted You

SOMEONE STILL LOVES YOU MICHAEL HOLT (A SCRAPBOOK FOR YOU). Missouri alt-pop band Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, big fans of The Mommyheads, contacted Mike in 2004, inspiring him to reconnect with Mommyheads bandmate Adam Cohen after five years of estrangement. Mike and SSLYBY became internet friends, and decided to release this split CD together. It features five wildly different MH songs culled from his 4-track recordings over the years, plus "Private Hearts," the song he had written for Adam after the Mommyheads breakup. The six SSYLBY tunes include their cover of Mike's song "Cora" from Bingham's Hole (see above). This is a limited-run edition with creative, handmade packaging; each copy is unique. More on SSLYBY... Mp3:Private Hearts, Mp3:Courtyard

WINDOWS This full-band, full-length album weaves funny pop songs, breathtaking ballads, original classical instrumentals, and two solo piano pieces by Alexander Scriabin into a single, beautiful journey of music and emotions. Mp3: All The Michaels In The World

To order any of the albums, paypal Mike at mholt@istar.ca, or send a note detailing what you want, with a check or money order to:

Michael Holt
501-2466 Dundas West
Toronto, ON
M6P 1W9 Canada

"The Dawn Chorus" and "Windows" can also be ordered for quick delivery here: http://cdbaby.com/Artist/MichaelHolt

Please feel free to contact Michael at mholt@istar.ca.

Title US $ CAN $ POUNDS £
THE DAWN CHORUS $17 $17 £10
WINDOWS $17 $17 £10
PAJAMA GARDEN $22 $22 £12
I'M HERE WITH YOU $12 $12 £7
PILOT SINGLE $17 $17 £10
BINGHAM'S HOLE $17 $17 £10